Why Tappy Feet?

Our Mission is to get everyone, everywhere--regardless of age, ability, and number of left feet--tap dancing in order to connect individuals with music, rhythm, Each other, and their own inner courage and creativity.


We created Tappy Feet to help people find the courage that they inherently have inside them so that they can be their best selves both in the dance studio and out in the world.

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We, at Tappy Feet, love how creative expression provides us with momentum, inspiration and connection. 

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Connection and Fun

Our Tappy Feet community repeatedly reminds us that we are worthy, creative, messy human beings… and that is perfection in and of itself. 

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Molly and Kristen are awesome! They make learning how to tap fun and put you at ease if you’ve never had a pair of tap shoes on before! If you ever have wanted to learn tap, but never did for whatever reason - come take a class - you’ll be hooked! See you in class!
— Winnie L.

Mental Health

Just like your body, your brain needs challenge, exercise, and play. Tappy Feet gives your brain 1 hour of uninterrupted fun, mental stimulation, playful activity and laughter.

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Physical Health

Raise your heart rate, strengthen your muscles, work on your coordination and balance--jump off your sofa and join us!

Live Life Without Regrets

Life is too short to spend it wondering, fearing, or wishing it away. If you ever wanted to try tap, now is the time to start! 

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I could geek out about how Tappy Feet Tap Classes force your brain and body to work together in intricate ways that create new neural pathways, which improves both mental and physical agility… but I won’t. Tappy Feet is just fun. Dancing is pure joy. And it feels great to master a new combination… to music, no matter whether you’re a complete beginner or dancing school dropout like myself. And when the GROUP masters a combination TOGETHER, well, that must be what scoring a touchdown feels like: big community happy!
— Merrily A.
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