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NEW! “If You Mess Up, Just Call it Improv”

Too often we think we need to learn things then execute them perfectly. Then when we mess up, we beat ourselves up. But whether on the dance floor, or in our everyday lives, a “mess up” is a learning experience, a way to test out what works and doesn’t work, an exercise in going with the flow, a way to live without beating yourself up over imperfection. Here is a lovely soft cotton tee-shirt if you need to wear this idea close to your heart on a hard day!


Purple V-Neck in Women’s Sizing

SALE! “Put a Shuffle in It”

Fans of Portlandia will remember the "Put a Bird on It" episode. Although it may not be as trendy (and maybe not worth a TV episode) you can put a shuffle in any tap step to spice it up. Super soft purple tank. Only 3 left!

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 12.03.29 PM.png

Gray Crew Neck in Men’s Sizing

SALE! Brene Brown Quote

Anyone who's been to our classes knows how much we love Brené Brown. But her work really does capture the Tappy Feet spirit, so we've immortalized our favorite quote on the back of this soft white cotton tee shirt. (Tappy Feet Logo on the front.) Men's and women's sizes. Only 2 left!

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SALE! Plain Tappy Feet Logo

Show off your Tappiness with this simple tee shirt. Soft cotton, limited selection of women's sizes only.