Resources for the Tappy Feet Cards



  • Download the instructions for the Tappy Feet Beginning Card Deck here!

  • Prefer video instructions? Watch our video on how to read the cards here!


Download other games to play with the Tappy Feet Cards!

Video Support

  • FREE videos of a few of the most tricky Beginning Tap Steps here!

  • Purchase the entire set of 70 Beginning Tap Step videos here!

  • Link to the entire set of Beginning Tap Step videos here (purchase required).

Chat with us

  • Tell us about your experience with the Tappy Feet Cards here!

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General Tap Resources

If you are interested in learning more tap, check out these wonderful on-line resources. Many of these teachers have taught us and inspired steps in our card deck.


Steve Zee's Tap Academy Online

Rod Howell of United Taps

Ray Hesselink at TapDanceU

Hillary-Marie at iTapOnline

Here are rough dates for a few of the many tap festivals around the country.

Big Apple Tap Festival (New York, NY) (usually Veteran’s Day weekend in November)

Phoenix Tap Festival (Phoenix, AZ) (usually the first week in January)

Show Me Tap Festival (St. Louis, MO) (end of July)

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