Tappy Feet tap Step Card Deck (Beginning)

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Introducing a brand new way to learn to tap dance!

At Tappy Feet we firmly believe every human being can participate in—and benefit from—tap dance. That includes people who don't learn in the traditional way dance classes are taught. These cards provide a unique way to build vocabulary, and learn how to improv and choreograph. Best of all, they are perfect for playing games which foster community and laughter. 

Tappy Feet’s Tap Step Cards are Perfect for:

New Tap Dancers, intermediate and advanced Tap Dancers, Tap Dance Teachers, and Retail stores

New Tap Dancers

• Power up your brain! Challenge your memory, increase your mental flexibility, practice coordination and balance.
• Grow your courage! It takes courage to learn a new skill. Practice putting yourself out there, and see the results everywhere in your life!
• Exercise your creativity! Step out of the traditional tap class, and use your creativity to practice the tap steps on these cards. Write your own choreography and play Tappy Feet games to improve speed, clarity, and agility.
• Increase your joy! Get a group of friends together and play our quirky Tappy Feet games while learning to tap dance. Use our videos, game instructions and other online support materials to make learning tap fun!

Intermediate and Advanced Tap Dancers

• Improve your improvisation skillz! Pull cards while improvising to use tap steps you often forget.  
• Freshen up your choreography! Pick individual tap steps to use in your choreography, or combine them to add to your dance. Play Tappy Feet games using these cards that guide you into creating tap step combinations that you’ve never tried before.
• Prepare for auditions! Use the cards to practice memorization, coordination, balance, clarity, speed and mental agility.

Dance Teachers

• Inspire your students! Add these cards to your teaching tool kit and give struggling students a new way to access the material. Get silly, have fun, and try our unique tools.
• Check out our online support materials! See how to use games, drills, and non-traditional exercises to make your tap class a one-of-a-kind learning experience.


• Jazz up your holiday gifts! Stocking stuffer for that special tap dancer. 
• Offer these Tappy Feet Tap Step Cards to:
       tap dancers
       tap teachers
       dance studio owners
       people afraid to learn in a classroom
       game-night friend groups
       anyone who's always wanted to learn tap

Features of this card deck:

• 70 tap steps - leveled for beginners
• 2 key cards - help you learn how to read the Tap Step Cards
• Instructions - how teachers and students of all levels can use these cards 
• Sturdy, clear-lid tin - Stores safely, easy to toss in your dance bag without damaging the cards
• Coupon code - 75% off Tappy Feet Tap Step videos online. Learn from the card, then watch the video!
• Online support materials - link to our extra resources including Tappy Feet game instructions, videos and more.
**Proudly printed in the USA