The September Improv Challenge!

The September Improv Challenge is now over! We had an impressive number of incredibly creative, courageous, and amazing submissions! We had submissions from Tappy Feeters traveling in Romania, Ireland, and Australia, improvers doing chair dances, and ballet dances, as well as improvers on motorcycles, tapping with hand puppets, in clown costumes, in the bowling alley, and in the dentist office, to name a few! Check out the video we made and join us for next year’s improv challenge!

As for the winners…. why did you have to make it so hard?! YOU ARE ALL WINNERS!!!

Announcing the Epic Tappy Feet Improv Challenge!!

Who: Any Tappy Feeter, past or present, having attended one class or many

What: A super silly, fun, improv challenge! Film yourself doing improv, only a small amount is necessary, and send it to us. We’ll compile a Tappy Feet Improv video. It doesn’t have to be good improv, it doesn’t even have to be tap, but it should be just you, dancing, and having a super good time.

Why: Because it’s fun and because there’s a prize… Molly and Kristen will choose one winner—it might be the most unique improv, the funniest, the most courageous, the best tap step, the most enthusiastic… we’re not sure until we see them—and the winner will get a drink/dinner/ice cream/coffee/lunch date with Molly and Kristen!

When: The month of September. We’ll be doing improv in class a few times this month—if you want we can film what you do in class for your submission. If you can’t make it to class, no problem! Just send us a video of you at home, on the street, at the beach, in a restaurant, flap ball changing as you run away from a bear, etc. Send us your videos by the end of September.

How: When you’re ready, submit your video below! (Unless this link doesn’t work, and then email it to us at