Daytime Classes at Tappy Feet!

While the rest of the world works, you play!

Join us for one hour of percussive playtime that quietly strengthens resiliency through physical and mental health, courage, and creativity.

All Levels Welcome

$15 drop-in fee

We have tap shoes you can borrow!

Tappy Feet Tap Classes are perfect for:


Work from Homers

Take full advantage of your sweet and coveted work-from-home position!  Switch on your creativity in a one-hour, quirky and not-so-serious adult tap class.  All levels welcome! Play, rejuvenate your brain and body, and return to your work refreshed and full of joy.

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Lively Lunch Breakers

Too often we slam down our lunches or work from our desks.  But you deserve a lunch break!  Exercise your right to a break, as well as your body and brain.  Spend your lunch break laughing and connecting with others in a one hour adult, all-level tap dance class!

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Parent Me-Timers

There are always dishes to wash, laundry to fold, cupcakes to bake, and dog poop to clean up in the yard. But you deserve at least one hour to spend on yourself, to forget about chores, connect with other adults, and to find joy through laughter.

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Retired Play Timers

Keep your brain and body in tip-top shape while connecting with others.  Tappy Feet classes focus on improving brain health, specifically, balance, coordination, and memory. You have put in years of work for other people and now you have days to devote to yourself - so commit to your physical, mental and spiritual well-being!   

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Unconventional Schedulers

Are you a nurse, firefighter, college student or night worker whose schedule is not the typical 9-5? It's hard to find others to connect with while everyone else is at work! Get out of your normal routine and join the Tappy Feet community during an hour of percussive playtime for adults. 

Now that I’ve learned some of the basics, I enjoy being able to tap with others. There is a sense of community that I enjoy. There’s nothing like everyone ending on the same count with a solid sound. (There’s also nothing like a random sound just 1/2 count after everyone else). Both endings are fun.
— Survey Monkey Response
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